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Publié par Société Française d'Ethnoscénologie (SOFETH)

First Call for Papers and Presentations:


The Stanislavski Centre and The University of California Riverside, in collaboration with DAMU Theatre Academy, Prague, presents

The S Word: Merging Methodologies

Co-conveners: Prof Paul Fryer (Rose Bruford College of Theatre & Performance),

and Jakub Korčák (DAMU).

Creative Adviser: Prof Bella Merlin (University of California Riverside).


at DAMU Theatre Academy, Prague - 24th, 25th and 26th March, 2017


Following on from our first international symposium (The S Word: Stanislavski and the Future of Acting) we are very pleased to announce the first Call for Papers/Presentations for the second major event which will take place in Prague, Czech Republic in March 2017.


Merging Methodologies invites you to explore how Stanislavski’s work and teaching has been adopted, adapted, developed and re-invented since his death in 1938.

How did Stanislavski’s disciples use his approach to theatre, and how did they make it their own; how has this approach been translated into other methods and how much have we lost in translation; who carries the torch for Stanislavski today and why; how do other (newer) methodologies compare and how much do they owe to what has gone before?


We invite written proposals for contributions in the following formats:

individual papers (20 minutes’ duration), practical/workshop sessions (45 minutes’ duration) and panel presentations (60 minutes’ duration).


In the first instance please send a short written proposal (no more than 300 words) to Prof. Paul Fryer: paul.fryer@bruford.ac.uk


Full details of registration and booking for the event will be published in September.

The S Word: Merging Methodologies
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