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Publié par Société Française d'Ethnoscénologie (SOFETH)

Appointments with Odin Teatret History
Odin Teatret - Live Streaming Films Exhibition
The first appointment is Friday 15th January at 4 pm with The Conquest of the Difference
The film presents the history of Odin Teatret from 1964 to 2012 with scenes from performances, barters and training which the actors have created over the years. Furthermore, Eugenio Barba reflects on what theatre has meant to him personally and on the history of Odin Teatret as a group of people who have conquered their own difference.
Directed by Exe Christoffersen 
Edited by Chiara Crupi 
Produced by Odin Teatret Film, Denmark, 2011
Language: Italian with English subtitles
Duration: 56 min
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